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Chemical Nitric Acid Ar – HNO3 – 500ml

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Product information

Products nameChemical Nitric Acid Ar - HNO3 - 500ml
Content :Pure
Specification:500gram / vial;
Specific weight:1,52 g/cm3
Melting point:-42 °C
Molecular weight:63,01 g/mol
Điểm sôi:83 °C
Bảo quản:
Product in a cool place with a roof. Avoid direct
 sunlight, away from sources of sparks, explosion
Ứng dụng:
HNO3 is used to synthesize chemicals, produce 
nitrate salts, which are oxidants in many
 chemical reactions also used in the 
production of explosives, dyes, fertilizers, 
in the metallurgical industry, engraving. 
and engraving. HNO3 solution is used in many
 industries such as plating, water treatment.

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