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Glass bottle triangle Duran best price today



Laboratory instruments, Duran glass flasks, glass mugs are distributed in large quantities
 by Gia Long Lab across the country, meeting most laboratory needs. German-made Duran glass 
triangle flasks are designed with uniform wall thickness suitable for high temperature 
applications and very good bearing capacity. Outstanding features of the Duran glass flask

Bình tam giác thí nghiệm – Dụng cụ cần thiết trong phòng thí nghiệm

Laboratory flasks - Necessary laboratory equipment 
- Manufactured with uniform wall thickness that can be used in high temperature 
applications - On the wall of the beaker is clearly marked with the exact volume and
 weight of the world
Bình tam giác thủy tinh Duran cổ hẹp
Customers who are interested in glass flasks, GIALONGLAB test equipment, please contact us 
at Hotline 03889999300.